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DIY Yards and Health
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why are Boise Trees turning yellow?!!!!

We are seeing a lot of Trees with Chlorosis

A neighbor stated the Nursery told her their Maple was simply going to die. Well that isn't the entire picture...yes Chlorosis is inhibiting photosynthesis which is also inhibiting the trees ability to generate food so the tree is unhealthy.
Link explaining Chlorosis:

What do you do about it?...well trees don't do anything fast.
So treatment at this time of year is a series of applications.
We are seeing good results with a new liquid foliar fertilizer application but that is a very short term (6 week) fix. However it does help the tree through this time period and help it manufacture the sugars to retain for next Springs growth. The follow up treatment is an injection or a soil amendment process to help the pH in the soil as explained in the link.

Bottom line is it is going to cost every year to amend and help the tree because the soil it was planted in was not amended before hand.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Earwigs everywhere


I have had more calls on Earwigs this year than I have ever seen. They are often in a house with poor fitting screens or doorways that are left open.
They are usually coming from an organic environment such as Lilac bushes near a house or other shrubs and trees.
Control is not expensive at $39 and just for the, they do not go into a persons ear while they are sleeping and bore a hole into the brain...LOL