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DIY Yards and Health
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Friday, February 3, 2017

Idaho Gardening

I am very excited about this great solution to backyard gardening.

We've worked with many of you setting up garden programs with better quality soil. Getting that soil into backyards has often been very difficult. This new way of controlling garden soil is just what we've been looking for.
It's called the GARDENSOXX;
an elastic material with the toughness of landscape fabric, easy to fill with quality compost and a built-in drip system.

The SOXX can be any length. A three-foot section is simple to carry. Can be put anywhere, on top of your existing beds, in the lawn, on the patio, the options are limitless.

Weed control is essentially built in. The unit can be moved if needed as the sun changes angle at the end of the season.
Pricing is very affordable.

For more information email me at greenteam.ted@gmail