DIY Yards and Health

DIY Yards and Health
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garden at waist level

As a lot of you know I am on a mission to help residents raise organic food with restored nutrients though fresh food...I am working on the Garden Kart (basically a portable version of the Garden Inn) but if you have a good spot for it, the Garden Inn shown here is a great start and this is the best price I've seen for it.

raised garden


I believe we have to make gardening easier on our bodies. A majority of our population is in their sixties now and these folks have the time to garden but bodies that really do hurt with the old way of gardening.

These raised beds are so nice to use and so much easier on our bodies. However we do have to fertilizer them every few weeks with an organic feed.

You can use miracle grow but check the label for added nutrients. The main reason we are gardening is to get those nutrients into our bodies for better health. So the plant must be able to get what we need in iron, magnesium, potassium and other micro-nutrients.

This kind of raised bed works well with vertical garden ideas. All of this is easier to manage insect control, bird issues and fungal disease in that it is not on the ground where there is access to the plant.

I spray the bottom of the unit or you can use organic methods like egg shells around the bottom to stop critters from climbing up.

Watering is important but because it is small and at waist level it is easier to do.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I get calls about a small annoying little bug getting into homes that looks like a small Box Elder bug, stinks when crushed and swarms though every small crack or conduit opening into the house.
Especially in West Emmett, Payette and Ontario this probably is the Elm Seed Bug
I can spray them directly but the next batch coming in will need to be sprayed again. It's important to "bug proof" your home - see the latest info on these new intruders(click here)

Tips for the heat

Raise your mower as high as you can now so grass can retain water, shade the root and survive the heat.

Use a water probe to see just how wet your trees and shrubs are - too much water is as bad as too little so on the off days the water saturation should lower.