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DIY Yards and Health
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Time to feed the garden

Especially if you have a raised bed, it is time to feed your garden. You'll notice some yellowing and plants starting to not perform as well this time of year and this is because they have exhausted the nutrient base their roots are in.

To replenish this naturally you can brew your own organic fertilizer.

organic tea kit

This is a good video on the simple process.
 However I use different ingredients to replenish the minerals we need in out food to help us be more healthy.

One is fresh worm castings, these are rich with micronutrients you can not substitute out of a plastic bottle. We discussed a worm farm earlier, to get the fresh worm castings simply go to the bottom tray and dig out the most digested dirt. Pile it up on small cones and any worms will work their way to the bottom in a few minutes, then take the top of the pile and put it in a nylon bag as the video discusses.

Number Two is Volcanic Ash or Azemite from Amazon.
Number Three is Sun Dried Kelp from Nova Scotia you can again purchase on line.
The fish emulsion mentioned is a good idea too.
So now you have nutrients along with the micro organisms needed to convey these nutrients into the plant.
This is a very strong brew so a five gallon bucket as shown in the video will actually go a long way doing most back yard gardens.

Do this every few weeks as your plants mature and you will be well rewarded for the effort.