DIY Yards and Health

DIY Yards and Health
Helping the Do It Yourself home owner in making themselves and surroundings healthy


You can Do It Yourself
This economy has forced more and more folks to start doing yard work themselves. You have the will, sometimes the energy but what is often lacking is the knowledge.
My goal with DIYLawntime is to offer the professional tips and links to information so you can do the job right.

TIMING when working with plants dependent upon seasonal changes critical to pruning, planting, watering, fertilizing and control of fungus and insects when you do it is very important. I provide a FREE CALENDAR to followers in Idaho,
E. Washington and E. Oregon to help them with a general time of when to do projects - however our weather patterns do not always align with a printed calender so we use the blog to give you up to date timing adjusted to heat and rain.

KNOWLEDGE is key so you will always have up to date information on how to take care of your yard with links to university and accredited sites with the best photos and information on best practices.

PRODUCTS are ever changing such as the ONE application polymer fertilizer I think is going to completely change the way we keep our lawns green without leaching Nitrogen into our ground water. I have a dealers license so when I find new products I can get them to my friends and customers at discounted pricing. Most of the retail shelf products are greatly diluted and folks are paying too much money for fancy packaging. Professionals know that they can cut their product cost by as much as 80% purchasing direct with higher concentrate so we help DIY people have access to Professional grade products.

PERSONAL ADVISE candidly given from an honest viewpoint of in the field results is often more helpful than a long list of written instructions. You must always follow the label of any product however talking to people who have actually used the item can give insight that insures success. As a Certified Arborist, Certified Master Gardner and Licensed Pesticide Applicator I am constantly in contact with people trying all manner of products and procedures which I share on this blog.

I offer a simple Garden Kart but if you have the time, space and are willing to put in the effort; I am glad to use my Master Gardner links to help you grow the best Garden.
The first step is Good Soil - this can be built by building the soil up then adding nutrients to keep the soil from being depleted either organically with time or with organic additions.
Soil Link

Choosing Plants and Space Link

Watering Systems Link
Check Craigs List where you often can find some great looking raised beds

PROFESSIONAL HELP if you get in a jam or if you want to map out a long term program for your specific trees garden and yard, I am always available.

YOU CAN DO IT and the satisfaction you will have enjoying the yard environment you have created is good for the soul and the pocket book.

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