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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TruGreen and your Trees

TruGreen and Trees

Recently we have had a half-dozen calls asking us for a second opinion on a clients Tree health because TruGreen had told them the trees were infested with insects and needed to be chemically sprayed.

I examined two properties and another ISA Certified Arborist went to two other locations and did thorough examinations. In each case, the maximum we found was one to two scale insects and older bore holes.

Chemical companies are supposed to be in compliance with what is called IPM or Integrated Pest Management. This is environmentally conscious application of not advising clients to kill everything in the yard but exercise discretion by setting a Pest Threshold; the amount of pest that actually present a problem. We are not trying to kill everything in the yard, that amount of chemical destroys beneficial insects and actually creates a situation of dependence on chemicals.

Scale is equivalent to a tree having a cold, one or two scale insects is barely a sneeze. Bore holes remain for years after the larvae is gone. Please be aware of this sales strategy that uses fear to try and manipulate people into doing what is not actually the best thing for our trees.