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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Applications

TREE FEED time for Evergreens

Brown needles on the inside can be normal but when they get this severe and clear out to the outside you're going to have to change some practices.

The first thing is WATER in the fall and spring - water as late as you can and as early in that evergreens still transpire and grow through the winter, often going dormant in the heat and pushing root growth in the cooler temperatures. In their natural environment they would have three feet of snow slowly releasing water and nutrients but here in the Idaho desert we tell them good luck and turn the water off. So do a deep soak as late and early as your watering situation allows.

The next is I deep root feed (which is not a fertilizer as much as a soil amendment) in the fall for evergreens because they are going into a stressful time of neglect in the winter and my trees show the fact that it works.

So water and a deep root feed in the fall.

The next thing to keep in  mind is to not prune too early in the fall and end up getting some new growth push that get's nipped by the first freeze especially with shrubs.

As you know, I prune in the winter when trees are dormant, then do the dormant oil spray to protect the wounds.

And don't forget to get fresh soil amendments for your garden now.

So fall leading into winter is a busy time.