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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So what is Worm Tea

worm composting
Living organisms depend on a balanced loop to be able to acquire nutrients and water. Worms in the soil are key to creating that biological relationship.

There is a lot of talk about "Compost Tea" including a professor in Washington that I've heard people quote as saying that the Tea do not work. That is not what she said, her main point was there is no standard as to how the tea is made. So dry old compost made into tea is far different than living organisms from worm castings. And that is absolutely right. She was also addressing spraying the tree with the tea...not injecting the root system. And her conclusions were about compost tea NOT having the ability to stop disease or pests, which again is absolutely correct. However, she was not disclaiming the fact that fertilizer put on the roots of plants from Compost tea is amazingly beneficial in creating very healthy plants.
Here is the article.

Here are articles on how well Compost tea correctly produced has worked.

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